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A Book Can Change A Life

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Publishing anthologies to further the cause of chosen literary charities.

Tears of the Phoenix Anthologies

An Introduction

Sometimes in life things come together in such a way that you know they were fated to be important, to change your life in some drastic, terrifying and electric way. There will come upon you a revelation that all that you have gone through, learned, and suffered were for a specific reason, and when you find that reason, it all makes sense.

That’s what the creation Tears of the Phoenix is for us.

Tears of the Phoenix is a literary charitable organization run by volunteers and dedicated to gathering writers from all walks of life and prior publishing credentials willing to use their talents to help promote and fund organizations devoted to the written word.

In plain English, we produce anthologies showcasing new authors and illustrators with ALL PROFITS benefiting a literary/literacy charity.

We hope in some positive -- if perhaps unknown way -- it becomes that for you too. Whether you are a writer, an artist or perhaps a literary or educational charity crying to be heard, to be recognized, to do some good in this crazy world, finding us was your first sign.

What we want to do is what everyone wants to do: Make a difference, change the world, and use our talents for good. What we realized is that we can’t do it alone. So what we did was created Tears of the Phoenix to combine a charity that is trying its best to make a difference with writers and artists that are trying as well to leave their mark.

We all know the power that a single book can have on the world. Join us in proving that a love of stories can, in fact, make a difference in the world!

N. Apythia Morges (apythia) and Tamela J. Ritter (tjs_whatnot)

Current Project

Tears of the Phoenix Anthologies and Wizard Wrockers are joining together to kick it Dumbledore’s Army-style, using the power of music, words and art to prove once again that Harry Potter fans can use their talents to help improve the world.

We proudly announce the launching the Wrock and Read Project.

Some of our favorite Wrockers have offered up creative prompts to inspire writers and artists to use their talents to help others by creating original works for an anthology.

All proceeds will go to Kids Need to Read a charity like ourselves--a small grassroots organization ran by a small group of volunteers and dedicated founders who bring their love of reading to everything they do.

What we will are looking for:

Drabbles (100-word stories)
Flash fiction (under 1,000-2,500 words)
Short stories (under 5,000 words)
Graphic stories
Comic strips

Fiction and Poetry: November 30, 2009
Artwork: January 1, 2010

If you are an artist interested in illustrating a story, please contact us for a link to stories and their summaries.

Don't write or do art but still want to help?

Please help us get the word out! Here is a banner with some information for you. Simply copy and paste to your journal.


Frequently Asked Questions For Writers/Artists

Q. How are you publishing fanfiction?

We're not. We're asking members of fandom who usually write or draw fanworks to use their talents for ORIGINAL pieces inspired by other members of the fandom. We also ask that none of the work uses ANY copyrighted characters.

Q. Is participation limited to only those in the United States?

No. Anyone who can write fluent English can submit a story. Art submissions are also open internationally.

Q. Is the staff making money off of our work?

A. Every staff member is a volunteer. Not one of us is getting paid or making ANY money from these publications.

Q. What sort of payment/contract is involved?

A. This is strictly donation of stories/art only. Because we make no money from the projects, there is no payment for participation. However, for those looking to add publishing credits to their CV, writing for charity is a good way to impress. Also, with each publication we choose two or three of what we, and our editorial staff consider to be the best and nominate them for awards, including the Pushcart, which looks really good in a query letter.

When you submit art or a story to Tears of the Phoenix, you are required to read and agree to our publication agreement. BY SUBMITTING YOUR WORK, YOU ARE AGREEING TO OUR PUBLISHING TERMS.

Basically these terms state that 1) This is, in fact, your original work; 2) You agree to grant us exclusive U.S. print rights for a limited time; and 3) You are donating your work to our publication in the understanding that proceeds will go to non-profit literary and educational charities.

This simply means that your work is not plagiarized and does not infringe on any other copyrights, and that you agree not to publish or post your story anywhere else including the internet until six months after publication for the anthology, three months for the magazine, at which time, you can do with it whatever you wish.

Q. Is there an age limit on who can submit?

A. Generally speaking, anyone over the age of 18 may submit. However, we will be producing some young adult anthologies where writers 13 and older will be encouraged to submit. Please read the submission guidelines for each project for specific age limitations.

Q. Would this book would be a "real" book?

A. Yes, all books we produce will be professionally designed and printed trade paperbacks and/or hardcovers depending on the individual projects. Really, the best way to see what we do is to see what we have done, and you'd be helping charity too. Our first publication "Ripple Effect" is available in both paperback and hardcover. All proceeds goes to Rebuild New Orleans Public Library.

Q. How do prompts work in the anthologies?

A. The prompts are meant to be a source of inspiration, not a ridged outline. You are not required to use all of the prompt. If only one aspect of it speaks to you, even if it is the favorite quote of the person suggesting the prompt, that is all you have to use.

You are not limited to one prompt. A story can be a combination of several prompts, just as a a story can contain multiple characters, each based on a different prompt.

We just ask that you keep track of which prompts you are incorporating in your story as we'll be listing the inspirations for each piece in the book in an author's note of sorts.

Q. Is there a specific submission format I need to follow?

A. Yes. We ask that all stories follow traditional submission formatting. Please see our submission guidelines for more information.

Q. Why do we have to give you our legal name and address?

A. By submitting your story, you are agreeing to our publishing terms, which is a contract. As such, real names are required. You can choose, however, to have your work published under a pen name if you prefer.

Also, if your story is selected, (and with your approval), we will be sending the local media a press release when the book is due out.

Have a question? Drop us an e-mail at info@tearsofthephoenixink.org.