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Please help!

Hi guys, I'm not actually sure if this is allowed here, and if it's not then the mods should feel free to take it down. I promise I won't be sad. But I figured that since we're a HP based charity, you wouldn't mind if I posted about another HP based charity that needs help.

Today is one of those rare days when I'm asking you to vote for something. I don't do this often, but this is a cause that's near and dear to my heart, so I'm gonna ask you to take 30 seconds and vote for the Harry Potter Alliance to win $250,000 from Chase Community Giving. CLICK THIS LINK!

So, what, you ask, is the Harry Potter Alliance? The HPA is a charity run by Andrew Slack which takes the lessons we learned in the Harry Potter books and applies them to the real world. They've done work registering people to vote, to stop media consolidation in the US, and most importantly increasing literacy around the world. Last year their Accio Books! book drive sent several thousand books to a youth village in Rwanda, and this year's drive sent a similar number of books to the Mississippi delta. If you need more info, you can check out this video. :)

There are a few things they intend to do with the money. The first of which is increasing literacy around the world. You all know that I'm an English teacher. My house is full of books, as are all your houses. There are kids in the world who don't have access to books, or even know how to read simply because they can't afford to be sent to school. That kills me. If the HPA wins this money getting kids access to school and books is first on the list.


A lot of my friends roll your eyes at me every time I talk about Harry Potter, or Wizard Rock, or all the friends I've made because of it. I'm sure lots of them think that it's stupid and that I'm wasting my time and that one day I'll grow out of it. Maybe. But every now and then we come together and do something really special that makes me want to say to you all "Look what we just did! This is freaking amazing so you should all shut the hell up because because the power of people motivated by the lessons of Dumbledore and the power of live is not to be messed with." The day that I was most proud of being a Harry Potter fan was the day of Helping Hati Heal. After the disastrous earthquakes that ravaged Hati, the HPA organized a massive internet telethon that brought together people from several fandoms: Twilight, Hunger Games, the Nerdfighters, and biggest, Harry Potter. In a week we came together and raised $123,754.41. For those of you playing at home, that was enough money to send FIVE PLANES (OMG!) full of personnel and supplies to relieve the people of Hati. That was amazing, nothing like that has ever happened before, but if the HPA wins $250,000, it can happen again.

It takes 30 seconds. Please help us to win. It's a totally sweet charity run by an amazing human being. I know most of you have ever met him, so you'll just have to trust me. Please help.

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Possible anthology to benefit Haiti

If Tears of the Phoenix did a charity anthology where all profits when to would you be interested in participating? We would need stories and art. It would be a quick turnaround.

Nothing is set yet. We are just trying to gauge interest to see if we would have enough writers/artists/photographers who would want to submit somethingby, say, the end of March/April, before we make it official.

Stories could be about anything, but we'd like to have an overarching theme about people helping people or overcoming obstacles, messages of hope, etc.

If you're interested or have any thoughts on the matter, please let me know.

If we get enough interest, we'll set up a timeline and get this project going.

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Deadlines Approaching

For any writer participating in the upcoming "Wrock and Read" the deadline is today, Nov. 30. If you are working on something and haven't gotten it to us, please email me at and I'll see what we can do.

We do have a pretty tight schedule so we can get it to our charity to sell at a Comic Con in May. So, we can give a bit of time, but not too much.

Artists, your deadline in December 31. If you'd like to illustrate a story, please let us know and we can get you connected. If you'd like to work from the prompts yourself, we more then encourage that. They can be found here.

Any questions, please email above email address.


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Wrock and Read

Wrock and Read Project

Tears of the Phoenix Anthologies and Wizard Wrockers are joining together to kick it Dumbledore’s Army-style, using the power of music, words and art to prove once again that Harry Potter fans can use their talents to help improve the world.

Some of our favorite Wrockers have offered up creative prompts to inspire writers and artists to use their talents to help others by creating original works for an anthology, which will benefit Kids Need to Read.

We are currently accepting submissions.

What we are looking for:

Drabbles (100-word stories)
Flash fiction (under 1,000-2,500 words)
Short stories (under 5,000 words)
Graphic stories
Comic strips

Deadline for stories and poetry: Nov. 30
Deadline for artwork: January 1

We've received some great stories and art already, and would love to have all of fandom involved. If you are an artist interested in illustrating a story, please let us know and we'll get you a link to stories for your perusal.
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ANNOUNCEMENT: This year's projects

Tears of the Phoenix's next project will be an anthology to raise money for Darien Book Aid, a literary charity that supplies books to Peace Corp volunteers who need them to teach literacy.

We are accepting art, photography, illustrations, fiction and poetry. We have collected prompts from volunteers at Darien Book Aid and they can be found here. These are for inspiration only and do not HAVE to be used.

Deadline for this project:

Stories, poetry and drabbles: June 1st
Art and Illustrations: July 1st

We also are taking submissions for our new literary magazine "INK." We accept art, photography, illustrations, comics, poetry, fiction, non-fictiion and memoir. Our first edition's theme is "Beginnings and Endings." We don't have a deadline for this project yet, but  we'd love to have an edition out before the end of the year, so please consider us if you have anything that fits.

Lastly, we had so much fun working with Harry Potter fans that we are again putting out a niche anthology, this time with Wizard Rock 
musicians supplying the prompts (they are wacky, let me tell ya!) and asking fans to write and contribute art. Those prompts can be found here.

Deadline for this project:
Fiction and Poetry--November 1st
Art--December 1st


If you would like to be put on a list of illustrators (to illustrate stories and poems themselves, instead of working independently of a story) please contact our art department by emailing kim(at) or diana(at) and they will put you on the list and contact you when stories come in that need illustrations.


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More Press for "Ripple Effect"

This is the one we have been waiting for...

New Orleans Times-Picayune!!


This is my favorite part:

Tears shed by a phoenix are used in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" to heal terrible wounds. The anthology was called "Ripple Effect," to signify the chain reaction that comes from a raindrop, a puddle, a broken levee, a flood, a drowned city, a rebirth, an idea, a book.

The anthology varied Katrina's theme of loss and tragedy with action, adventure, romance, comedy, fantasy and triumph.

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Just in time for Christmas...

"Ripple Effect" is being promoted and sold! Just the beginning, I'm sure! But check out what rachelcaine posted about us.

And the New Orleans library just placed a large order to sell at a Fundraiser! And they made a post about the books on the neworleans LJ here.

We're still hoping to get down there sometime in the next year to do readings--if any of you are interested in reading, we'll keep you posted--and to promote it even more. So far though, we're really happy with how well it is selling with just the word of mouth that is happening!

Thank you all!

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Deadline Is Extended

Hey everyone!

Just wanted you all to know that we have changed the schedule of the Wrock and Read book. We want everyone to be able to have the time to create something original, fun and or moving for this anthology. We want it to be GLORIOUS! And to do so, we need to push back the schedule and continue to get the word out. Any help any of you can give us on that front would be muchly appreciated! Tell your friends!!

If you wanted to contribute but didn't have the time, NOW YOU DO!!
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Deadline Approaching

Hey everyone--

Just a reminder...

Deadline for written entries is November 1st. Holy crow, time flies!

If you think you're going to need an extension, please, please let us know before November 1st, so we can get a sense of what we will have to work with.

Artists still have until December 1st.

If you need anything from us, again, please, please let us know.

Here's hoping we get to put out another amazing work!!

Thanks everyone!